Green Economy in China

Giving priority to the production of vehicles with eco research and development of new technologies to be applied to make Beijing and other cities the beginning of a more green life.

In less than four years in China there will be a « green revolution » that will involve not only the residents of Beijing, but also other cities. The major part of the project concerns the eco vehicles and its industrial production. The government has encouraged research and development of this kind of industry to use is increasingly available to everyone ensuring a high standard of quality. In recent days, from 5 to 7 July, Vice Premier Ma Kai reaffirmed government support industries to sustainable eco cars, stating that it is necessary to make improvements in the power and charging methods. And on this China offers certainties, was recently established a center dedicated exclusively to research and development of new technologies to be applied to cars. You can then ensure a long shelf battery that meets the needs of citizens, said the vice premier. The other point on which stress is public transport, taxis, logistics and urban transformation: all aspects that are part of the Chinese government’s plan to be met by 2020. Create a public vehicle system would solve most green pollution in the country. Until May last year was produced 628mila new green car, but still, the quality and quantity are not enough.

The city of Beijing will have in all this a prime location. No more than ten minutes on foot to find a metro station, more bicycles and bicycle paths will be improved which also stretched 3,200 km, the car restrictions in certain central areas. It is important, said Lu Yan, director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform, which well delineates the functions and areas of the city so as to establish green areas, areas with greater traffic density, pedestrian zones. A step towards a greener country, less polluted and more to serve the people.

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