Online shopping in China – How to Attract Overseas Chinese Consumers

The Status Quo of Online Shopping in China

As China’s consumer acceptance of online shopping in China continues to increase, as well as large-scale retailers have to provide more comprehensive and diverse online services, e-commerce development in China far exceeded expectations. China’s total e-commerce transactions in 2015 reached 18 trillion yuan, an increase of more than 35% compared with 14 years, China has become the world’s largest online retail market.
China is also one of the countries with the largest number of social network users in the world. In 2015, China’s different cities and the vast rural areas a total of about 630 million Internet users.

Overseas Chinese reverse online shopping in China

At present, about 50 million overseas Chinese, Chinese immigrants in the purchase of goods also have their own troubles: not used to buy the domestic products and preference for specific brands, there is little Chinese professional information, books, and Or do not have the right size of clothing, shoes, such a huge potential consumer groups to bring business opportunities is enormous. In addition, the overseas Chinese Chinese stomach, Chinese body, the Chinese heart and their ancestors (membership) countries are closely linked. Many Chinese who reside abroad will take away many native products when they return home to visit relatives.
Overseas Chinese users in the purchase of Chinese users of goods, more fancy goods variety and price cheap. Sea Amoy users also value the price, but by contrast, pay more attention to the quality of goods and brands.
Overseas Chinese love of domestic products not only witness the old brand of domestic goods, « warmer », but also led the development of domestic goods in the new wave of overseas. With the increasingly sophisticated online shopping platform, more and more Chinese products with Chinese characteristics of the site in the rise of overseas, many foreigners have begun with these characteristics of Chinese goods have a strong interest.
Easy to buy China is a free overseas Chinese purchasing domestic goods website, is the first to get involved in domestic goods free purchasing business, customer groups to overseas students and overseas Chinese-based. Many countries overseas, the rise of overseas online shopping services company, which serves the local overseas Chinese, providing many Chinese goods. From local products to pot materials, seasonings; from domestic skin care products to make-up cosmetics; from the Chinese style cheongsam to the classic tunic, a wide range of goods to a large extent to meet the overseas Chinese demand for domestic products.

The Exploration of Hai Amoy Website

Overseas Chinese support for domestic products and love for the domestic goods has opened up new sales channels, but the development of domestic products in the overseas still faces many problems.
Currently re-Hwan vitality of the domestic product brand sales channels are not systematic, procedural, it is difficult to large-scale Distribution, affecting the domestic market expansion. Second, cross-border online shopping to pay is the problem, first of all to find the payment, the other logistics costs are very expensive, will involve multi-point contact problems, as well as shopping time costs and cumbersome procedures, Hai Amoy site needs one-stop service to User-friendly, thereby enhancing the user’s Internet shopping experience across the country.