Le projet de loi réformant l’entrée à l’université attaqué devant le Conseil constitutionnel

Les députés de trois groupes de gauche ont déposé un recours contre le projet de loi réformant l’entrée à l’université. Le motif évoqué est que certaines dispositions feraient fi d’exigences constitutionnelles. Les députés socialistes, « insoumis » et communistes ont annoncé, vendredi 23 février, avoir déposé conjointement un recours devant le Conseil constitutionnel contre le projet de loi relatif à l’orientation et à la réussite des étudiants.

Une réforme qui bafouille la constitution

Les trois groupes de gauche à l’Assemblée nationale ont estimé dans un communiqué que « le principe d’égal accès à l’instruction est complètement méconnu par ce texte », et que « le droit au recours est clairement atteint ». En effet, les candidats « n’auront pas la possibilité de contester les décisions prises par l’administration ». Le recours porte essentiellement sur l’article Ier, avec les alinéas 4, 5, 6 et 11 qui instaurent la sélection à l’université ; l’alinéa 7, qui établit que le silence de l’administration ne constitue pas une décision administrative ; l’alinéa 6, qui instaure des dispositions particulières pour les étudiants en situation de handicap.

Des dispositions méconnues des exigences constitutionnelles

Autant de dispositions qui, selon les plaignants, méconnaîtrait plusieurs exigences constitutionnelles. Notamment le droit au recours découlant de l’article 16 de la Déclaration des droits de l’homme et du citoyen, le principe d’égal accès à l’instruction protégé par le 13e alinéa du préambule de la Constitution de 1946. Ainsi que, plusieurs principes constitutionnels encadrant le service public de l’université française et de l’enseignement supérieur. Les députés soulignent également que la nature des attendus servant de critères de sélection est abstraite. Ce problème subsiste dans les différentes filières de l’enseignement supérieur. Autres problèmes soulevés par les députés, les perspectives d’insertions dans le milieu professionnel.

Faire de l’accès à l’Université une démarche plus efficiente par un bon système

Pour cette année, le ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche, Frédérique Vidal considère le système d’entrée à l’université comme peu efficace. En effet, ce dernier met en avant les différentes contraintes de cette dernière et les impacts que cela peut avoir sur l’enseignement supérieur. Pour cette dernière, c’est le système en lui-même qui est trop éprouvé actuellement et c’est cela qui impacte tant l’entrée à l’université de nos jours.

Les contraintes de l’entrée à l’université actuelle

La République se doit de répondre à l’obligation éducative. A cause de cela, il est important d’apporter une amélioration au système mis en place jusqu’à ce jour. Pour le moment, ce dernier a du mal à faire concorder les aspirations individuelles et les places approuvée par le système. Et pourtant, la République a pour obligation d’apporter une chance à tous les bacheliers d’intégrer l’université selon leur choix de filière. Ce qui n’est pas toujours évident à cause du système de places mis en place actuellement et qui n’est pas toujours suffisant pour accueillir les étudiants en fonction des études qu’ils souhaitent réaliser.

Quelques alternatives pour une meilleure situation

Afin de remédier à ce problème, plusieurs alternatives sont mises en avant. La première consiste à développer le nombre de places disponibles pour chaque filière tout en évitant de proposer des places superfétatoires. Dans ce contexte,  les nombres de places en plus peuvent aussi être répartis selon les possibilités de budget. Dans un autre cas, il est envisageable d’augmenter uniquement les places dans certains domaines et avis lepeignoir qui seraient plus prisés que d’autres. Certains peuvent également proposer un concours d’entrée pour quelques filières afin que les places ne soient pas trop un problème et que les plus compétents seulement puissent intégrer l’université par la suite.



Green Economy in China

Giving priority to the production of vehicles with eco research and development of new technologies to be applied to make Beijing and other cities the beginning of a more green life.

In less than four years in China there will be a « green revolution » that will involve not only the residents of Beijing, but also other cities. The major part of the project concerns the eco vehicles and its industrial production. The government has encouraged research and development of this kind of industry to use is increasingly available to everyone ensuring a high standard of quality. In recent days, from 5 to 7 July, Vice Premier Ma Kai reaffirmed government support industries to sustainable eco cars, stating that it is necessary to make improvements in the power and charging methods. And on this China offers certainties, was recently established a center dedicated exclusively to research and development of new technologies to be applied to cars. You can then ensure a long shelf battery that meets the needs of citizens, said the vice premier. The other point on which stress is public transport, taxis, logistics and urban transformation: all aspects that are part of the Chinese government’s plan to be met by 2020. Create a public vehicle system would solve most green pollution in the country. Until May last year was produced 628mila new green car, but still, the quality and quantity are not enough.

The city of Beijing will have in all this a prime location. No more than ten minutes on foot to find a metro station, more bicycles and bicycle paths will be improved which also stretched 3,200 km, the car restrictions in certain central areas. It is important, said Lu Yan, director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform, which well delineates the functions and areas of the city so as to establish green areas, areas with greater traffic density, pedestrian zones. A step towards a greener country, less polluted and more to serve the people.

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E-Commerce in China: Overview

Trade today is getting higher and higher because it has become very developed. And this development extends to all areas such as technology, fashion, consumer products, cosmetics … The sales market today is a sector that contributes to the development of a country especially if the products Are in standard. What also makes a country very powerful in the sales sector is the fact of having many products that they can export. For the Chinese, trade is one of the fields that they master perfectly well. They are truly known to be the best in this industry. China is even among the most powerful countries in the world in this field. It is true that a few years ago, she had experienced a bad pass on the products of bad qualities that she had put on the market but it is of the past all that. Today, it is one of the countries that have the best products most exported in the world. On the online sales or e-commerce sector, the Chinese too are very powerful. E-commerce in China at the moment is among the business activities that boost their turnover.

What is e-commerce in China and how does it develop?

E-commerce is a transaction of purchase or sale online. E-commerce draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, on-line transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), management systems Inventories, and automated data collection systems. E-commerce in China has become very developed and it touches all sectors at the moment like computer hardware, luxury and fashion clothes, different beauty products, high technologies and many more. Wechat is one of the sites used for e-commerce, almost all online sales sectors use it. But there are also many other interesting sites. The Chinese aim to reach a quarter of all consumers before 2020 with e-commerce. It is not really difficult for them to achieve this goal seen their progressions at this time in this medium. They know too well the use of online sales and in addition they are already very powerful in the middle of selling in general for decades. It is therefore certain that their turnover will explode and the economy of the country will improve even more. The products they sell are also very good today that consumers will not have trouble buying them. The e-commerce is therefore more than advised for the Chinese who still have doubts about its profitability if they want to sell in China.

E-commerce in China: How do Chinese people sell to China?

Selling in China is a difficult but feasible field for Chinese especially with e-commerce. So that they can enter the sales community, they must have interesting products that are different from the others because if they sell products that are the same as the others, they will have a total flop. They must therefore conduct market research in many sectors in order to know the right products that may be of interest to customers. The Chinese are masters in the art of finding interesting products that they can sell in no time. And with e-commerce, it’s even easier for them to find new customers.

Online shopping in China – How to Attract Overseas Chinese Consumers

The Status Quo of Online Shopping in China

As China’s consumer acceptance of online shopping in China continues to increase, as well as large-scale retailers have to provide more comprehensive and diverse online services, e-commerce development in China far exceeded expectations. China’s total e-commerce transactions in 2015 reached 18 trillion yuan, an increase of more than 35% compared with 14 years, China has become the world’s largest online retail market.
China is also one of the countries with the largest number of social network users in the world. In 2015, China’s different cities and the vast rural areas a total of about 630 million Internet users.

Overseas Chinese reverse online shopping in China

At present, about 50 million overseas Chinese, Chinese immigrants in the purchase of goods also have their own troubles: not used to buy the domestic products and preference for specific brands, there is little Chinese professional information, books, and Or do not have the right size of clothing, shoes, such a huge potential consumer groups to bring business opportunities is enormous. In addition, the overseas Chinese Chinese stomach, Chinese body, the Chinese heart and their ancestors (membership) countries are closely linked. Many Chinese who reside abroad will take away many native products when they return home to visit relatives.
Overseas Chinese users in the purchase of Chinese users of goods, more fancy goods variety and price cheap. Sea Amoy users also value the price, but by contrast, pay more attention to the quality of goods and brands.
Overseas Chinese love of domestic products not only witness the old brand of domestic goods, « warmer », but also led the development of domestic goods in the new wave of overseas. With the increasingly sophisticated online shopping platform, more and more Chinese products with Chinese characteristics of the site in the rise of overseas, many foreigners have begun with these characteristics of Chinese goods have a strong interest.
Easy to buy China is a free overseas Chinese purchasing domestic goods website, is the first to get involved in domestic goods free purchasing business, customer groups to overseas students and overseas Chinese-based. Many countries overseas, the rise of overseas online shopping services company, which serves the local overseas Chinese, providing many Chinese goods. From local products to pot materials, seasonings; from domestic skin care products to make-up cosmetics; from the Chinese style cheongsam to the classic tunic, a wide range of goods to a large extent to meet the overseas Chinese demand for domestic products.

The Exploration of Hai Amoy Website

Overseas Chinese support for domestic products and love for the domestic goods has opened up new sales channels, but the development of domestic products in the overseas still faces many problems.
Currently re-Hwan vitality of the domestic product brand sales channels are not systematic, procedural, it is difficult to large-scale Distribution, affecting the domestic market expansion. Second, cross-border online shopping to pay is the problem, first of all to find the payment, the other logistics costs are very expensive, will involve multi-point contact problems, as well as shopping time costs and cumbersome procedures, Hai Amoy site needs one-stop service to User-friendly, thereby enhancing the user’s Internet shopping experience across the country.